The LG2J Consulting Group is the go-to consultancy for navigating the unique issues confronting an organization’s effectiveness. While the Consulting Group provides a full line of services for your organization – leadership trainings, org. chart overhauls, corporate symposia, staff enrichment, program evaluation – our primary area of expertise is radical inclusion. We believe that inclusion cannot, by definition, be an afterthought. That’s why we’ve made it thoughtful and fun and baked it into all our programs.

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Radical Inclusion Workshop Series™

LG2J’s signature radical inclusion immersion workshop. Have fun, work hard, and be a part of the change that lies ahead.

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Radical Inclusion for Institutions

Does growth, cooperation, and achievement sound good? Bring customized workshops to your business or organization and make personal and professional development something your workforce looks forward to.

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Professional Development and Coaching

An entrepreneur, community organizer and emerging thought-leader, President and CEO Christopher Lee Jones provides one-on-one professional development services grounded in radical inclusion and creating innovations that assist with the work of social uplift.

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