LG2J stands for Life Griot and the company’s two visionary founders, whose last names both begin with J. A griot is a cultural storyteller, and the Consulting Group’s specialty is to bring out the griot in all of us. Through the cultivation of each person’s work+life+story, the Consulting Group facilitates the development of the whole person, identifies the unique aspects each person brings to the group, and shows how radical inclusivity will breathe new life into your organization.

Our Mission

To acknowledge, engage, and uplift all the minds at the table

Our Vision

To bring about a radically inclusive world

Discover Your Work + Life + Story

The LG2J Consulting Group’s method begins and ends with storytelling. We work with you to help you articulate your narratives: Where are you now? (Reality), How did you get here? (Sticking points), Where do you really want to be? (Future success).

The answers you get may surprise you—but we will not try to change you into something you’re not; we’ll mirror who you really are—the good and the ugly—so the good can be made great while discovering how to best address the ugly.

What is Radical Inclusion?

Great companies know the value of D&I. Inclusion is no longer a social nicety or a check-the-box professional development one-off. As the pace and reach of markets in the age of technology expands, inclusion is a business imperative, that impacts every company’s bottom line. Inclusivity approaches transform entrenched power scales into successful collaborative efforts, and facilitate full participation of each and every employee in the workforce. The idea is that the unique skills of each person, coupled with their personal and cultural experience, will create a more fertile, innovative ground for collaboration, efficacy, and company success.

Inclusivity hinges on personal awareness and individual development. In order to work well with others, one must first work well with oneself.

The Radical Inclusion Workshop Series™ ultimate goal is to teach individuals how to embrace both the one and the many, the whole and the part—simultaneously. Radical Inclusion creates an orientation that is deeply connected to one’s awareness of Self and of others; of being open to knowing and not knowing; and of engaging universality in an effort to understand and accept each person as an individual, with a unique story and perspective that is absolutely essential to the success of the whole. Simply stated, radical inclusion is the work of engaging and uplifting the variety of minds at the table and using these perspectives to better yourself, your organization, and workforce.