Radical Inclusion celebrates the unique skills and experience of each individual, while also providing organizations with a critical edge over competitors. Let LG2J’s products and services help you mitigate conflict, improve communication, and radically inspire your work+life.

The Radical Inclusion Workshop Series: Learning Through Work+Life+Story Building

LG2J Consulting Group’s Radical Inclusion Workshop Series™ (R.I.) is a professional education program that transforms standard diversity and inclusion (D&I) work into a radical, personal approach toward positive change. Each individual, community, employee, and work team who participates will be reshaped into their best possible selves, and become a force for radical inclusion, self-awareness, growth, and positive change - all of which benefits the corporate bottom line. Designed to support individuals in identifying blind spots that pose obstacles to collaboration and success, R.I. facilitates understanding and provides simple ways to apply new ideas into each person’s work+life. LG2J Consulting Group's Radical Inclusion Workshops are open to the public.

  • R. I. 5-Day Primer – a five-day online workshop introducing participants to radical inclusion. Participants create a work+life profile to meet others completing the 5-Day, receive materials, and access the moderated workshop through our Learning Management System.
  • R.I. 20 online workshop – a five-week intensive covering a wide range of D&I and radical inclusion competencies. Participants create a work+life profile, receive materials, and participate in a daily, facilitated, online group with individuals from various backgrounds and locales. 

Radical Inclusion for Businesses and Institutions

Corporate D & I work is an ongoing effort aimed at maintaining optimal function among teams, managers, employees, and all institutional levels. LG2J Consulting Group’s corporate offerings include organizational D & I assessments to identify current challenges and pinch points, as well as content customization of its R.I. Workshop Series to meet institutional needs.

  • Radical Inclusion Business Assessment (RIBA) – the first step in corporate engagement, the RIBA provides a snapshot of your organization's current RI competencies, gaps, and recommendations for improvement. RIBAs provide a roadmap and benchmark for customized radical inclusion workshops that help get you where you want to go
  • Integrity 9-to-5 – a one-day Radical Inclusion primer for your workforce
  • R.I. 10 online workshop – a two-week intensive customized for your specific organizational needs. Workforce teams are placed in groups of ten
  • R.I. Weekend Retreats – two-day small group team-building retreats for additional workforce teams. Curriculum is based on challenges and themes identified by team members who have completed R.I. 10
  • Inclusion Talkbacks – facilitated live group check-ins to support leaders and staff in developing continued action plans and ongoing learning

Professional Development with Principal Christopher Lee Jones

Christopher Lee Jones is founder and principal of LG2J Consulting and heads up the firm's organizational management and radical inclusion practice. In this capacity, he serves as coach and analyst to corporate executives, nonprofit managers, and religious leaders. 

Originally from Tennessee, Christopher is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York and is a Jungian analyst-in-training. Christopher offers the following customized one-on-one consulting services:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Mediation Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Program Development
  • High-level board member and chair person advisement and coaching. Serious inquires only.

Corporate Chaplaincy Training Program – Coming in 2017

Today, companies are beginning to recognize the importance of caring for their employees’ mind, body, and spirit. LG2J Consulting Group's Corporate Chaplaincy Training Program takes the best of Employee Assistance, staff psychologists, and spiritual counseling and packages it into a year-long executive training intensive that equips organizational leaders, human resource staff, and mid-managers with tools to improve company-wide organizational care. CCTP participants gain critical analytic and empathetic skills, knowledge and tools that help them build programs, projects and other forms of institutional support to optimize workforce health, productivity, and balance particularly in times of transition, crisis, and social uncertainty. This program consists of four learning tracks:

  • Radical Inclusion Education Track
  • Mediation Education Track
  • Program Development and Project Management Track
  • Clinical Pastoral Education & Community Care Track